16:07:01 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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16:07:14 <djmitche> hi everyone!
16:07:19 <djmitche> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/buildbot-agenda
16:07:30 <djmitche> no action items from last week, so nothing to followup there
16:07:37 <djmitche> #topic list migration
16:08:01 <tardyp> I am not sure if we saw emails on the new lists?
16:08:27 <djmitche> I don't know if others have sent tem
16:08:33 * djmitche looks at archives
16:08:40 <tardyp> user hasn't
16:09:04 <djmitche> https://lists.buildbot.net/pipermail/users/2015-September/thread.html - my message went through :)
16:10:16 <djmitche> #action djmitche to redirect weekly summary to new MLs
16:10:23 <djmitche> are folks having trouble posting?
16:10:32 <djmitche> also, I need to reset the admin passwords I think
16:10:35 <djmitche> since I don't know them
16:10:40 <tardyp> ahah
16:11:03 <djmitche> any other concerns around the lists?
16:11:11 <djmitche> I updated the various links from buildbot.net and the wiki
16:11:14 <djmitche> per jaredgrubb's suggestion
16:11:43 <tardyp> not from me
16:13:28 <djmitche> k
16:13:32 <djmitche> #topic nine update
16:13:38 <djmitche> http://trac.buildbot.net/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&milestone=0.9.0&group=status&order=priority
16:13:49 <djmitche> down to 33 matches
16:14:01 <tardyp> we merged a bunch of stuff yesterday
16:14:42 <tardyp> I need to rebase my nine instance, but that should close some of those 33.
16:14:47 <djmitche> great :)
16:14:49 <tardyp> at least rebuild
16:15:08 <djmitche> my plane ride to TXL involved a lot of fitful attempts to sleep, but I did OK on the way back :)
16:15:31 <djmitche> allowed builders, change sources, and schedulers to have distinct names and slugs
16:15:51 <djmitche> anyway, I don't think we can give a date for 0.9.0 yet, but "soon"
16:15:54 <djmitche> agreed? comments?
16:16:00 <tardyp> yes agreed
16:16:13 <tardyp> there are still a bunch of them which are non negligible
16:16:44 <djmitche> #info not close enough to 0.9.0 to give a date, but a bunch of bugs were closed this week, many non-trivial
16:17:05 <djmitche> Any Other Business?
16:17:13 <tardyp> slave vs workers?
16:17:28 <bb-github> [13buildbot] 15cato- commented on issue #1844: ```... 02http://git.io/vn2Oq
16:17:33 <djmitche> as in, which words we use?
16:17:44 <tardyp> yes, we have a big PR on this
16:17:59 <tardyp> dont know if you saw it
16:18:17 <tardyp> https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/1842
16:18:18 <djmitche> I guess not :)
16:18:25 <djmitche> #topic renaming "slave" to "worker"
16:18:38 <tardyp> its a 515 file patch
16:18:44 <tardyp> all unit tests pass
16:18:51 <tardyp> I haven't try to run it though
16:19:01 <tardyp> there are still a lot of stuff in order to finish it
16:19:15 <tardyp> including doing minimal backward compatibility
16:19:36 <tardyp> I think we shall decide on what to do with it
16:20:01 <djmitche> 0.9.0 is a good place to break *some* compatibility
16:20:15 <djmitche> but master/{slave,worker} compatibliity needs to stay
16:20:33 <djmitche> upgraders are going to have enough work to do upgrading their masters, without simultaneously updating all of their workers
16:20:48 <tardyp> there is also the {build vs job}
16:21:01 <tardyp> so that my testfarm friends are happier
16:21:41 <djmitche> oh, and worth noting that I've used 'buildslave' in many cases that should become 'worker' and not 'buildworker'
16:21:52 <tardyp> yep
16:22:02 <djmitche> I don't know about trying to do the build -> job translation too
16:22:12 <djmitche> builder -> jobber?
16:22:22 <djmitche> this is already going to be a big change
16:22:46 <tardyp> yes
16:23:19 <skelly> also "task"
16:23:20 <djmitche> It's really nice to see an actual PR for this, though
16:23:22 <tardyp> so we say that we are going to merge the PR, but we need the compatibility addressed
16:23:29 <djmitche> yes
16:23:51 <djmitche> I wonder if some others on the ticket can jump in and help
16:23:57 <tardyp> and we need this to be resolved before nine
16:23:57 <djmitche> this is going to be a hard patch to produce without bitrot :(
16:24:02 <djmitche> yes
16:24:16 <tardyp> but wont delay nine if its not there
16:24:22 <djmitche> I can comment on the PR to say that -- basically (1) yes, let's do this, but it needs more work and (2) NOW is the time to do it
16:24:42 <djmitche> not indefinitely, no -- if it's by a few hours or days I'll be OK holding the release
16:25:01 <tardyp> agree
16:25:07 <djmitche> #action djmitche to comment on bug - good idea, but needs work, and 0.9.0 is the time to do it
16:25:12 <djmitche> ..and on the PR
16:25:25 <djmitche> thanks for bringing that up -- sorry I missed it
16:25:29 <djmitche> AOB?
16:26:14 <tardyp> ne
16:26:48 <djmitche> ok
16:26:50 * djmitche calls it
16:26:53 <djmitche> #endmeeting