16:30:30 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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16:31:28 <tardyp> letsgo!
16:31:34 <djmitche> indeed
16:31:45 <djmitche> #topic 0.9.0 ticket ownership
16:31:54 <djmitche> I reviwed the 0.9.0 tickets
16:32:02 <djmitche> http://trac.buildbot.net/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&milestone=0.9.0&group=owner&col=id&col=summary&col=owner&col=type&col=priority&col=version&col=time&order=priority
16:32:17 <djmitche> I was the only one with multiple assigned to me
16:32:29 <djmitche> and I closed two and unassigned a third
16:32:39 <djmitche> 2625 is in progress
16:32:43 <djmitche> and I just took 3372 (more on that later)
16:32:53 <djmitche> sa2ajj: is that what you were looking for?
16:33:12 <tardyp> lgtm
16:33:35 <djmitche> kk
16:33:49 <djmitche> #info looks good n ow
16:33:57 <djmitche> #topic verify gmane is archving the new lists
16:34:13 <djmitche> I emailed Lars, the maintainer, about the two lists that need to be updated (bugs and devel)
16:34:20 <djmitche> the users list is being correctly handled already
16:34:32 <djmitche> #info users@ is correct, devel@ and bugs@ are pending an email from Lars
16:34:47 <djmitche> #info dustin re-established buildbot-devel with an autoresponder
16:34:58 <tardyp> cool!
16:35:17 <jaredgrubb1> i have a question about the list … is it possible to add something like "[buildbot-dev]" prefix to the subject lines?
16:35:30 <djmitche> jaredgrubb1: yes
16:36:33 <bb-trac> [trac] #3373/task (v:master) created by dustin (Add subject prefixes to BB mailing lists) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3373
16:36:46 <djmitche> #action djmitche to add subject lines to mailing lists (#3373)
16:37:33 <djmitche> #topic 0.9.0b3 release
16:37:47 <djmitche> It looks like I fudged this release pretty badly - #3372
16:38:08 <djmitche> I'm tempted to just drop the BUILDING_WHEEL stuff altogether and accept that wheels are larger than they need to be
16:38:25 <djmitche> although maybe a better solution is to omit tests in all packages
16:38:39 <djmitche> I'm just less confident I can do the latter correctly and then ship 0.9.0b4
16:38:49 <tardyp> oh
16:39:01 <tardyp> what's the problem?
16:39:35 <djmitche> the zip and tarball are missing buildbot.tests
16:39:58 <tardyp> ahh
16:40:05 <tardyp> who need those?
16:40:13 <tardyp> shall we only release wheels?
16:40:13 <djmitche> there are no wheels
16:40:18 <djmitche> that might make sense too
16:40:27 <djmitche> I uploaded the wheels withotu signatures
16:40:34 <djmitche> then deleted them thinking I could just re-upload
16:40:37 <djmitche> but pypi says "no"
16:40:50 <tardyp> really?
16:41:07 <djmitche> yeah
16:41:21 <djmitche> I can try the next release with just wheels - that certainly maeks things easier!
16:41:48 <tardyp> I can't think of a use case of releasing the source tarballs
16:42:02 <djmitche> doesn't mean there isn't one, but yeah, me neither
16:42:26 <djmitche> anyway, let's try 0.9.0b4 with just wheels - sound good?
16:42:30 <tardyp> and about release stuff, I'm currently moving all my python projects to pbr
16:42:31 <tardyp> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pbr
16:42:53 <tardyp> it is very helpful
16:42:53 <djmitche> yeah, I looked at that a while ago
16:43:03 <djmitche> I found it way to open-stacky
16:43:07 <bb-meta> build #246 of py27-tw1220 is complete: Success [3build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.buildbot.net/builders/py27-tw1220/builds/246
16:43:35 <djmitche> but improvements to our release process would be good - it's still very manual and CuttingReleases is confusing
16:43:42 <djmitche> and not entirely accurate, I think
16:43:57 <djmitche> anyway
16:43:58 <tardyp> I actually did not follow it really :-} last time
16:44:13 <tardyp> especially for beta release
16:44:17 <djmitche> yeah
16:44:22 <tardyp> I dont have the pgp key and that stuff
16:44:40 <djmitche> I've been using my own, rather than a buildbot key
16:44:41 <tardyp> but, we need to at least make sure we dont screw up the real one in a few weeks (hopefully)
16:44:43 <djmitche> we could change that too
16:44:44 <djmitche> right
16:45:02 <djmitche> #action djmitche to release 0.9.0b4 with wheels only, update CuttingReleases in the process
16:45:09 <tardyp> the best would be that the push of a tag triggers everything
16:45:19 <djmitche> that'd be nice!
16:45:27 <djmitche> I think Travis supports a lot more of that now
16:45:49 <djmitche> I'm not saying I have time to work on it though :)
16:46:11 <djmitche> jaredgrubb1: while you're here.. 2714 is assigned to you
16:46:17 <djmitche> is that something you're still working on?
16:46:42 <djmitche> or is that done?
16:46:49 <djmitche> I remember looking at this before....
16:47:08 <jaredgrubb1> i havent looked at it in a while … it was about 80% there when i left it
16:47:28 <jaredgrubb1> i seem to remember someone else had done some work after me
16:48:44 <djmitche> do you think you could take a look and at least write up what's left (or close if it's done)?
16:48:51 <jaredgrubb1> yes i can do that
16:49:05 <jaredgrubb1> (ok, my bus is arriving, back in 15 … carry on!)
16:49:10 <djmitche> adios
16:49:35 <djmitche> #action jaredgrubb to look at #2714 (irc status in nine) and see what remains, if anything
16:49:47 <djmitche> tardyp: any other business?
16:50:19 <tardyp> working with andras on the ui stuff
16:50:33 <tardyp> I'm about to merge it, but this will contain some perf regressions
16:50:38 <tardyp> on chrome
16:50:43 <djmitche> is that landing the MD support?
16:50:44 <tardyp> ff is okay
16:50:59 <tardyp> the buildbot data conversion
16:51:11 <tardyp> I dont know what you mean by MD
16:51:15 <djmitche> material design
16:51:20 <djmitche> what's the "buildbot data conversion"
16:51:56 <tardyp> its the data api middleware that has been rewritten by andras
16:52:20 <tardyp> in order to have a better api, and supposedly more efficient with multi tab
16:52:40 <djmitche> ah, I see
16:52:42 <tardyp> unfortunatly it is less efficient for the moment
16:52:50 <djmitche> better design though
16:52:51 <tardyp> but we should be able to sort that out
16:52:53 <djmitche> sounds like a win to me
16:52:55 <djmitche> yeah
16:53:08 <tardyp> I'll be merging it even if there are regression,
16:53:17 <tardyp> so that its more easy to benchmark and stufy
16:53:21 <djmitche> sounds like a plan
16:53:52 <djmitche> #info tardyp working with andras to land the client-side backend replacement, with better design but performance regressions
16:54:55 <djmitche> ok
16:54:57 <djmitche> well, let's wrap it up
16:55:07 <djmitche> we should have donuts next time.. I could use a donut right now
16:55:11 <djmitche> #endmeeting