16:30:30 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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16:30:37 <djmitche> #topic Introduction
16:30:46 <djmitche> Now 1 hour later for most US'ians
16:30:56 <djmitche> Agenda: https://titanpad.com/buildbot-agenda
16:30:57 <infobob> http://paste.pound-python.org/show/zmTpujQoBBFepYOIb6nZ/ (repasted for djmitche)
16:31:20 <djmitche> #topic Bug 2340
16:31:31 <djmitche> rutsky: thanks for the updates in the agenda
16:31:40 <rutsky> please review: https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/2045
16:31:52 <rutsky> this is the second + third steps of planned transition
16:32:08 <rutsky> Any ideas of changes in buildbot-worker? I'll remove "upgrade-slave" command, since it useless on new worker package, any other suggestions?
16:32:45 <rutsky> I think I'll come with ideas when will look at worker code closely, but perhaps someone already have ideas
16:33:00 <djmitche> nothing comes to mind
16:33:16 <rutsky> then other question
16:33:26 <rutsky> what are desired requirements for worker?
16:33:41 <djmitche> not sure what you mean
16:33:47 <rutsky> I doubt that it works on Python 2.4, for example (since we are not testing it on 2.4)
16:33:52 <rutsky> Python requirements
16:34:06 <rutsky> sure we don't want to add any new requirements
16:34:19 <rutsky> but perhaps we can drop old Python versions of Twisted
16:34:24 <djmitche> http://docs.buildbot.net/latest/manual/installation/requirements.html - py2.6 minimum
16:34:56 <djmitche> "In upcoming versions of Buildbot, a newer Twisted will also be required on the worker" so yes, if that's useful, we can drop such compatibility
16:35:04 <rutsky> poor RHEL 5.0 guys with py 2.4... :)
16:35:08 <djmitche> yeah
16:35:34 <rutsky> ok, then I'll try to cleanup < 2.6 stuff too
16:36:01 <rutsky> I don't have any more questions on bug 2340. Perhaps others have questions?
16:36:58 <djmitche> no, it seems to be proceeding according to plan :)
16:37:17 * djmitche summarizes
16:37:36 <djmitche> #info PR #2045 is up for review, renaming classes and other strings within the buildbot-worker codebase
16:38:06 <djmitche> #info may drop support for old Twisteds, and special-casing for Pythons older than 2.6 (already not supported)
16:38:18 <djmitche> #topic CLI tool update
16:38:40 <djmitche> #info from Amar before the meeting: "i can't make the meeting today but i have made some headway on the cli utility, the next thing i need to figure out is why i can't get realtime updates via the websocket"
16:38:51 <djmitche> I'm curious what that means, but we'll have to wait until next week!
16:39:05 <rutsky> what libraries Amar uses?
16:39:13 <rutsky> Py 2.7 + Twisted?
16:39:31 <djmitche> I assume so
16:39:32 <rutsky> or, maybe, Py 3.5 + aiohttp?
16:39:48 <djmitche> verm__: ^^ for when you're back
16:40:46 <rutsky> next topic?
16:40:55 <djmitche> ok :)
16:40:59 <djmitche> #topic week in rview
16:41:06 <rutsky> http://nine.buildbot.net/ doesn't work
16:41:07 <djmitche> dank__: I'm curious about http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3481
16:41:12 <djmitche> we'll get there :)
16:41:16 <rutsky> ah, ok :)
16:41:47 <djmitche> hm, maybe that's a good one for sa2ajj ?
16:42:14 <bb-trac_> [trac] #3481/undecided (new) updated by rutsky (empty comment) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3481
16:42:47 <bb-trac_> [trac] #3481/defect (new) updated by dustin (I suspect that just adding an `implements(..)` would be sufficient.) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3481
16:42:51 <djmitche> eh
16:43:03 <djmitche> so, we're ending up with a few un-triaged tickets every week
16:43:12 <djmitche> I wonder if this meeting is a good time to look at those, or .. what
16:43:18 <rutsky> is there any plugins testing?
16:43:42 <djmitche> this was on eight
16:43:56 <rutsky> so... on nine we test them? :)
16:43:58 <djmitche> but I don't know if every plugin is verifified in the tests
16:44:21 <djmitche> the plugin itself is tested, but whether it implements that class, or whether the class path in setup.py is correct -- I don't know if that's tested
16:44:23 <rutsky> do you have list of untriaged tickets under the hand?
16:44:33 <djmitche> I'm just looking at the weekly summary
16:45:02 <djmitche> everything marked "undecided"
16:45:45 <rutsky> I'd like to discuss http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3482
16:45:57 <rutsky> djmitche: can you take a look at it?
16:46:12 <djmitche> looking now
16:46:27 <bb-trac_> [trac] #3484/undecided (new) updated by rutsky (empty comment) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3484
16:46:44 <bb-trac_> [trac] #3483/undecided (new) updated by rutsky (empty comment) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3483
16:47:13 <rutsky> I marked recently reported by me docs bugs as "simple" and for 0.9.0
16:47:22 <djmitche> great :)
16:47:32 <djmitche> too bad we lost the GSoC push to get simple bugs worked on :(
16:47:33 <djmitche> anyway
16:47:36 <rutsky> one is just adding new screenshot, and other is rereading of firstrun totorial
16:47:38 <rutsky> yep(
16:47:46 <djmitche> I dislike logwatch.py in general
16:47:55 <djmitche> so I'm happy to see them diverge
16:47:56 <rutsky> me too!
16:48:07 <djmitche> I think if anyone uncovers bugs, they are encouraged to completely rewrite
16:48:38 <rutsky> perhaps Twisted already have functionality that we need?
16:48:53 <djmitche> I think there's another bug for it
16:49:15 <djmitche> well, we really shouldn't be parsing logs -- instead we should be using some kind of semaphore or communication channel with the daemon
16:49:58 <rutsky> what we trying to achive with this code?
16:50:06 <rutsky> we want to wait for server to start?
16:50:17 <rutsky> and want to see logs during startup stage?
16:50:21 <djmitche> ideally we'd wait until it starts or fails
16:50:22 <djmitche> right
16:50:50 <djmitche> anyway, for your purposes, don't worry about it, and it's fine for them to diverge
16:50:55 <djmitche> and it sounds like this is a pretty trivial fix
16:51:40 <rutsky> sure, but perhaps most of that code can be dropped at all?
16:52:01 <bb-trac_> [trac] #3480/undecided (new) updated by dustin (empty comment) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3480
16:52:20 <djmitche> perhaps, if it's replaced with some other mechanism
16:52:31 <djmitche> certainly the master-specific stuff in the worker copy can go
16:53:08 <rutsky> ok, can you do action on me to investigate this issue?
16:53:43 <rutsky> investigate if we can drop most of startup/shutdown logic and use new features for twistd (if there is any)
16:54:22 <djmitche> #action rutsky to investigate #3482 - investigate if we can drop most of startup/shutdown logic and use new features for twistd (if there is any)
16:54:34 <djmitche> btw I think anyone can use the "action" and "info" commands
16:54:48 <djmitche> ok
16:54:53 <djmitche> #topic nine.buildbot.net 502'ing
16:54:59 <rutsky> I thought only info command...
16:55:34 <rutsky> do we have list of responsible users for specific aspects of BB infra?
16:55:37 <djmitche> try it, and we can check later
16:55:52 <djmitche> there's the sysadmin@buildbot.net mailing list
16:56:01 <djmitche> we don't have specific people for specific things
16:56:08 <rutsky> 'cause it's not the first time I would like to ping specific person, but don't know who is responsible (or have access and knowledge)
16:56:17 <djmitche> probably an email to sysadmin@ is best
16:56:27 <djmitche> I think that allows external posts
16:56:57 <djmitche> https://irccloud.mozilla.com/pastebin/P4k6R6yw
16:57:01 <rutsky> ok, I'll try mailing list next time
16:57:05 <djmitche> that's a weird one
16:57:15 <djmitche> looks like Python's mis-installed
16:58:37 <skelly> I wonder if the system python changed
16:59:42 <skelly> sqlite3 is a different pkg on FreeBSD
16:59:47 <djmitche> oh
17:00:04 <skelly> py-sqlite3
17:00:26 <djmitche> pkg: No packages available to install matching 'py-sqlite3' have been found in the repositories
17:00:54 <djmitche> ah, py27-sqlite3
17:01:12 <djmitche> yeah, that did it
17:01:55 <djmitche> ok, it's back up
17:02:10 <djmitche> I'll make a PR
17:02:18 <djmitche> #info FreeBSD package missing
17:02:23 <rutsky> great, thanks!
17:02:26 <djmitche> #action djmitche to make a PR
17:03:10 <djmitche> anything else for the good of the group?
17:03:51 <rutsky> nothing more from me
17:04:20 <djmitche> it was a nice 3-person meeting :)
17:04:26 <djmitche> #endmeeting