16:31:36 <tardyp> #startmeeting weekly
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16:32:18 <bdbaddog> is the titan pad up to date?
16:32:19 <tardyp> who is around?
16:32:26 <skelly> I'm here
16:32:39 <bdbaddog> I'm here.
16:33:47 <tardyp> ok no news from @sa2ajj ?
16:34:19 <tardyp> I tried to ping him by email.
16:34:36 <tardyp> as most of the discussions need him..
16:34:36 <tomprince> I'm here.
16:34:43 <tardyp> hi all
16:35:03 <tardyp> #topic development status
16:35:21 <tardyp> Its the first week of the month, so we should have a release this week.
16:35:42 <tardyp> #info The development itself was pretty calm
16:35:54 <tardyp> but there are lots of useful pending PR
16:36:19 <tardyp> I tried to use the new maintainer ability to update PR to finish them (mostly update rn fix silly tests)
16:36:35 <tardyp> #info probably 0.9.2 will happen this week
16:37:10 <tardyp> #topic releases
16:37:13 <tomprince> I'm slowly working on TLS. ClientService doesn't support everything we need, so I'm working upstream to improve it before backportting
16:37:24 <tardyp> #undo
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16:37:54 <tardyp> what kind of thing do not work?
16:38:04 <tardyp> I think gracinet made it work already
16:38:42 <tomprince> If you read the PR, there are a number of TODOs in it.
16:38:43 <tardyp> #info worker SSL support is working on by tomprince with some upstream first tasks
16:39:46 <tardyp> ok
16:39:51 <tardyp> #topic releases
16:39:56 <tardyp> #info probably 0.9.2 will happen this week
16:40:17 <tardyp> rutsky: there?
16:40:23 <tardyp> #topic botbotme
16:40:35 <tardyp> #info no news
16:40:48 <tardyp> #topic trac2github
16:40:51 <tardyp> #info no news
16:41:22 <tardyp> for coverity, there are good discussion topic too, but we need sa2ajj
16:41:44 <tardyp> #topic meeting time poll
16:41:56 <tardyp> according to http://doodle.com/poll/kh2kun2hxv3hyn73#table
16:42:19 <tardyp> 1700 UTC is the choice of the majority of voters
16:42:36 <tardyp> any objections?
16:43:06 <bdbaddog> +1 1700utc
16:43:54 <tardyp> #agreed Weekly meeting will now take place on tuesdays at 1700UTC
16:44:36 <tardyp> #topic AOB
16:44:42 <tardyp> anything else you want to discuss?
16:46:50 <tardyp> #endmeeting