17:01:20 <tardyp> #startmeeting weekly
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17:01:28 <tardyp> #topic introduction
17:01:36 <bdbaddog> I'm here.
17:01:43 <rutsky> hi!
17:01:44 <tardyp> attendents, please name yourselves
17:01:54 <tardyp> hi all
17:02:43 <tardyp> short attendence today, but lots to discuss..
17:03:00 <tardyp> #topic week in review
17:03:16 <tardyp> lots of small PR this week doc fixes, and such
17:03:38 <tardyp> the great return of 2340 also for a last round of cleanups
17:04:05 <tardyp> I did work a bit on fixing multimaster with latest autobahn
17:04:12 <tardyp> and enhancing the logs
17:04:35 <tardyp> so that you don't need two clicks from github to have your info
17:05:04 <tardyp> e.g https://nine.buildbot.net/#/builders/2/builds/85265 will show the error directly
17:05:35 <rutsky> tardyp: cool!
17:05:53 <tardyp> #topic releases
17:06:27 <tardyp> I wanted to release 0.9.3 today, but got delayed with a last bug to fix for the hook authentication
17:06:42 <tardyp> the release scripts are working, I will run them again tomorrow.
17:07:19 <tardyp> #info probable 0.9.3 release tomorrow
17:07:28 <tardyp> #topic botbot me
17:07:57 <tardyp> #info bug closed. no answer from the botbotme admin, and jackrick is good enough
17:08:11 <tardyp> rutsky: anything to add?
17:08:21 <rutsky> no, that's correct
17:08:31 <tardyp> #topic trac2gh
17:08:33 <rutsky> one tiny thing...
17:08:36 <tardyp> #undo
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17:08:52 <bb-trac> [trac] #2853/task (closed) updated by rutsky (empty comment) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/2853
17:08:57 <rutsky> oh, closed now :)
17:09:14 <tardyp> ok
17:09:18 <tardyp> #topic trac2gh
17:09:29 <rutsky> ping sa2ajj ?
17:09:36 <tardyp> no news from sa2ajj from me
17:10:31 <tardyp> #topic pyinstaller
17:11:01 <tardyp> did somebody experiment on that?
17:11:07 <rutsky> I tried to use pyinstaller and in short it doesn't work out of the box
17:11:26 <rutsky> at least I haven't managed to get it working in 45 minutes
17:11:27 <tardyp> which platform?
17:11:32 <rutsky> linux :)
17:11:41 <tardyp> which is probably the easiest
17:11:50 <tardyp> can you summarise the list of issues?
17:12:27 <rutsky> pyinstaller doesn't play well with entry_points (https://github.com/pyinstaller/pyinstaller/issues/305)
17:13:07 <tardyp> ah.. thats a big bummer as we are using them a lot
17:13:18 <rutsky> with workaround specified in the bug report it misses zope.interface and fails to add it when I specify it manually
17:13:25 <tardyp> #info pyinstaller doesn't play well with entry_points
17:13:54 <tardyp> #info pyinstaller doesn't play well with  zope.interface
17:13:57 <rutsky> btw, it's pretty easy to get _some_ single-file buildbot-worker binary, but it fails with missing imports
17:14:15 <rutsky> I will try to tackle this a bit, and report results later
17:14:22 <tardyp> cool!
17:14:27 <tardyp> anyting else?
17:14:49 <rutsky> no, lets move to the next topic
17:15:05 <bdbaddog> rutsky: did you look at this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/169897/how-to-package-twisted-program-with-py2exe#
17:15:59 <rutsky> bdbaddog: no, I have subjective feeling that out of cx_Freeze, py2exe and pyinstaller, pyinstaller should be the best one
17:16:09 <rutsky> so I haven't tried others
17:17:02 <tardyp> #topic distro packages
17:17:22 <tardyp> Initiate procedure of Buildbot packaging for major distributions (Debian/Fedora/Gentoo/etc)
17:17:33 <tardyp> packaging pip/npm based programs is hard in systems such as Debian (all deps must be packaged)
17:17:44 <tardyp> packages in most distribution updated very slowly (i.e. few years to get into Debian stable)
17:17:56 <tardyp> we can package by ourself and distribute for Debian/Fedora using our repositories (as most of other fastly developing software does, like Docker)
17:18:21 <rutsky> yep, who can help with packaging of Buildbot nine?
17:18:42 <tardyp> dol-sen did the packaging for gentoo
17:19:11 <tardyp> I think I remember fedora packager wanting to start it, but dont remember it clearly
17:19:40 <rutsky> I wrote an e-mail to Debian packager, but haven't received an answer
17:19:55 <tardyp> https://packages.debian.org/sid/grafana
17:20:05 <tardyp> grafana is a js application built using npm
17:20:23 <tardyp> we might look at the way the do the packaging
17:21:45 <tardyp> looks like it depends on libjs-angularjs
17:23:49 <tardyp> anyway. I would be glad if we can make buildbot nine into debian if we manage to make the dependency hell work
17:24:29 <tardyp> I dont think we have the horse power to manage repos on our own like docker do
17:24:52 <tardyp> anything else on that ?
17:25:34 <rutsky> grafana depends on bunch on go deps, but I don't see hundreds of js libraries...
17:26:31 <tardyp> its mostly a js app
17:26:40 <tardyp> go is just proxy to the dbs
17:26:49 <nicolas17> does buildbot have dependencies not yet in debian?
17:27:35 <tardyp> there are the python dependencies and the js dependencies.
17:27:41 <tardyp> for python I am pretty confident
17:27:55 <tardyp> for js this is very different
17:28:33 <rutsky> looks like grafana vendors all JS deps in source package:
17:28:36 <rutsky> '/home/bob/src/grafana-2.6.0+dfsg/debian/grafana-data/usr/share/grafana/public/vendor/angular/angular.min.js' -> 'angular.js'
17:28:38 <rutsky> '/home/bob/src/grafana-2.6.0+dfsg/debian/grafana-data/usr/share/grafana/public/vendor/jquery/src/sizzle/dist/sizzle.min.js' -> 'sizzle.js'
17:28:39 <rutsky> '/home/bob/src/grafana-2.6.0+dfsg/debian/grafana-data/usr/share/grafana/public/vendor/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js' -> 'jquery.js'
17:28:41 <rutsky> '/home/bob/src/grafana-2.6.0+dfsg/debian/grafana-data/usr/share/grafana/public/vendor/angular-sanitize/angular-sanitize.min.js' -> 'angular-sanit
17:28:42 <rutsky> ize.js'
17:28:44 <rutsky> '/home/bob/src/grafana-2.6.0+dfsg/debian/grafana-data/usr/share/grafana/public/vendor/angular-route/angular-route.min.js' -> 'angular-route.js'
17:28:45 <rutsky> '/home/bob/src/grafana-2.6.0+dfsg/debian/grafana-data/usr/share/grafana/public/vendor/angular-bindonce/bindonce.min.js' -> 'bindonce.js'
17:28:54 <nicolas17> wow
17:28:59 <rutsky> so technically they don't use npm...
17:29:30 <tardyp> ah ok
17:29:47 <tardyp> so its like our wheels.
17:29:59 <nicolas17> I think that's frowned upon in Debian
17:30:05 <tardyp> we could actually vendor the built deps in our source tarballs also
17:30:15 <nicolas17> but turning every npm micropackage into a Debian package is infeasible
17:30:38 <nicolas17> so embedded copies are the lesser evil imo
17:30:47 <tardyp> yes, this is against debian policy, but I think that would be a good pragmatic solution
17:31:00 <tardyp> anyway, we are out of time.
17:31:13 <tardyp> lets continue discussion next week or ofline
17:31:36 <tardyp> I think this is interresting, and will probably add us more users
17:32:00 <tardyp> #topic SchedulerDB page
17:32:06 <tardyp> throw it off!
17:32:21 <tardyp> 7 year old random stack trace not sure what it is about
17:32:23 <bb-trac> [trac] SchedulerDB deleted (wiki)
17:32:31 <rutsky> done :)
17:32:39 <tardyp> #topic bug 2340
17:33:02 <tardyp> #info more cleanup done by rutsky this weekend and beg of week
17:33:11 <tardyp> how many 99.99 are we?
17:33:30 <rutsky> I think it's about 5 or 6 nines now :)
17:33:49 <rutsky> out of actual work only http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3530 remains
17:33:58 <rutsky> setup redirection of renamed docs page
17:34:17 <rutsky> though it may be seen in separate from bug 2340
17:34:29 <tardyp> #info page redirections still not yet done
17:34:39 <rutsky> wiki: all meaningful places (and maybe a bit more) is done
17:34:46 <tardyp> seriously I dont think we really should care about redirection
17:34:53 <rutsky> wiki contains lots of outdated stuff...
17:35:16 <tardyp> I think most of the useful info from the wiki should be put into the doc
17:35:20 <rutsky> plus not all stuff on wiki can be edited --- looks like page renaming doesn't work: http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3659
17:35:26 <tardyp> and wiki should be only pointers to the doc
17:35:33 <rutsky> tardyp: agree. versioned and reviewable
17:36:06 <tardyp> Wiki is useful for me for the collection of links
17:36:16 <tardyp> in order to have different angles to the doc
17:36:48 <rutsky> bug 2340 somehow related to packaging of buildbot nine, but packaging is too complicated and not controlled by single person, so there is not much I can do in limited time
17:37:16 <rutsky> regarding wiki, should I revert my changes in eight pages?
17:37:31 <tardyp> for me packaging is only pypi
17:37:40 <tardyp> that's all we maintain as an opensource project
17:37:40 <rutsky> I renames "slave" to "worker" when it semanitally meant "something that does work"
17:37:52 <bdbaddog> might look at : https://chocolatey.org/  for windows packaging/distribution ?
17:38:01 <tardyp> then there are distro maintainers, which are related, but not directly under our responsiblity
17:38:10 <nicolas17> ugh
17:38:26 <nicolas17> I keep feeling tempted to say "I can help with that" but I actually can't, no time D:
17:39:01 <rutsky> ok, then let's exclude packaging from bug 2340
17:39:30 <tardyp> let's exclude 'distro-packaging' which is different from packaging which has been solved long time ago
17:39:51 <tardyp> ok already 10min past the timeout.
17:39:54 <tardyp> I really need to run
17:40:13 <rutsky> bdbaddog: I think this is similar to nuget, and this doesn't magically help to package Buildot for Windows
17:40:27 <rutsky> http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3658
17:40:40 <bdbaddog> rutsky: yes and you are correct. Just another channel for distribution.
17:40:45 <rutsky> last thing
17:41:02 <rutsky> what to do with deprecated contrib scripts?
17:41:16 <rutsky> most of them doesn't work with nine
17:41:43 <rutsky> and porting them from "slave" to "worker" often means complete rewrite
17:41:43 <tardyp> I think you can remove them
17:42:09 <rutsky> tardyp: ok, I'll do PR for that, lets discuss it in PR
17:42:13 <tardyp> #endmeeting