17:01:13 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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17:01:23 <djmitche> #topic Introduction
17:01:36 <djmitche> https://titanpad.com/buildbot-agenda
17:01:37 <tardyp> hi everybody
17:01:47 <djmitche> skelly: you still around?
17:01:57 <tardyp> verm__: ?
17:02:16 <tardyp> bdbaddog: ?
17:02:30 <bdbaddog> Here.
17:03:15 <tardyp> lets start the week in review waiting for them
17:03:19 <skelly> here
17:03:23 <tardyp> #topic Week in review
17:03:26 <djmitche> #topic week in review
17:03:27 <djmitche> hehe
17:03:32 <tardyp> I am not chairman..
17:03:53 <djmitche> #chair tardyp
17:03:53 <bb-supy> Current chairs: djmitche tardyp
17:03:54 <tardyp> so last week we did the last final dev before 0.9.5
17:03:58 <djmitche> anyway, go ahead
17:04:06 <tardyp> Secret finalisation.
17:04:22 <tardyp> but I realized last minute that the secrets are not obfuscated.
17:04:31 <tardyp> so we need to finish that :-/
17:04:46 <tardyp> I didn't want to delay release any further.
17:05:16 <tardyp> a few fixes. some regression with appveyor and lz4 library updates
17:05:38 <djmitche> #info mostly prep for 0.9.5
17:05:40 <tardyp> a few reports just after the release (I hate that)
17:05:46 <djmitche> is there a warning about the un-obfuscated secrets?
17:05:47 <djmitche> haha
17:06:04 <tardyp> no, but its marked eperimental
17:06:12 <tardyp> we will see if people start reporting
17:06:44 <tardyp> anyway
17:06:47 <tardyp> #topic releases
17:07:01 <tardyp> #info we released 0.9.5!
17:07:08 <djmitche> \o/
17:07:12 <djmitche> with py3!
17:07:31 <bdbaddog> +infinity
17:07:38 <tardyp> I tried at hackernews https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13915426
17:07:55 <tardyp> but I failed with 2 points. we are far from the front page
17:08:03 <djmitche> haha
17:08:08 <djmitche> where's your +infinity? :)
17:09:05 <bdbaddog> I just upvoted..
17:09:17 <tardyp> yeah 3 points!
17:09:30 <bdbaddog> Can you post the hackernews URL via buildbot's twitter
17:09:39 <tardyp> HN marketting is hard
17:09:57 <bdbaddog> and BB google+ page?
17:10:00 <tardyp> there is no buildbot's twitter, at least none that I have the account creds
17:10:11 <tardyp> I did post it with the ml annoucement
17:10:18 <djmitche> and G+
17:10:32 <djmitche> nah, twitter's for trolls and journalists
17:10:40 <tardyp> ahah
17:11:15 <tardyp> moveon?
17:11:21 <djmitche> #topic Trac -> Github
17:11:45 <djmitche> so we left off on the discussion of what to do with Buildbot eight
17:11:49 <djmitche> since its tickets weren't migrated
17:12:11 <djmitche> #info we left off on the discussion of what to do with Buildbot eight, since its tickets weren't migrat4ed
17:12:15 <tardyp> I worked on wiki migration https://github.com/tardyp/buildbot_issues_sandbox/wiki
17:12:17 <djmitche> (sorry for the repetition)
17:12:39 <tardyp> but forgot about eight tickets.
17:12:53 <tardyp> like I said last time, this should be easy to migrate
17:13:00 <tardyp> (eight tickets)
17:13:23 <djmitche> do we want to do that? I'm worried about suggesting that we still support eight, when we really don't
17:14:27 <bdbaddog> Are the eight tickets specific to eight ad working in 9?
17:14:36 <djmitche> or irrelevant for 9
17:14:39 <djmitche> e.g., webstatus related
17:15:20 <bdbaddog> Mark them all invalid? or wontfix with some stock text that 8 is EOLd and please move to 9?
17:16:18 <djmitche> they didn't get migrated
17:16:22 <djmitche> so that's sort of implicit right now
17:16:40 <djmitche> my concern is, if we migrate them - whether to buildbot/buildbot or buidlbot/eight - it implies we care
17:16:42 <bdbaddog> sure, but their still in trac right?
17:16:45 <djmitche> yeah
17:16:52 <bdbaddog> can you invalid them there?
17:16:53 <tardyp> I think last time werm said it was easy to re-open trac if needed
17:17:18 <tardyp> so maybe we just keep it that way, freeze trac to a static dump
17:17:20 <djmitche> I think my position is, let's do as little as possible related to eight, and let it RIP
17:17:26 <tardyp> and we'll see if we need to LTS eight
17:17:34 <bdbaddog> or is trac dead?
17:17:41 <tardyp> that was the n
17:17:43 <djmitche> trac will stay around for a while at least
17:17:48 <tardyp> next part of discussion
17:17:49 <djmitche> so those tickets are still visible
17:17:59 <tardyp> what do we use trac for if we dont use issue? wiki
17:18:06 <bdbaddog> if a URL somewhere leads someone to a trac tick for 8 which wasn't migrated, then would be good for the info that 8 is EOL to be there?
17:18:25 <tardyp> I started a wiki transition script. it turn out github wiki is just a git repo, with a bunch of .md files in it
17:18:42 <tardyp> so it was very easy to create a dump of our wiki https://github.com/tardyp/buildbot_issues_sandbox/wiki
17:18:51 <tardyp> git clone git@github.com:tardyp/buildbot_issues_sandbox.wiki.git
17:19:17 <tardyp> and yes we need to do the proper 204 redirection
17:19:31 <tardyp> but I dont think this will be that hard
17:19:37 <djmitche> ok :)
17:19:54 <djmitche> I don't want you to spend a lot of your time on it, but if you're willing / eager, I won't say no :)
17:20:01 <djmitche> most of those wiki pages are ancient and not that useful
17:20:23 <tardyp> well it was easier to do everything than only a few
17:20:26 <djmitche> yeah
17:20:38 <tardyp> rutsky already did a bunch of cleanup
17:22:04 <tardyp> For the releases there are a lot of stuff that I need to do in trac that are hard to automate
17:22:31 <tardyp> I think it will make sense to move more things to github
17:22:35 <bdbaddog> +1
17:22:48 <tardyp> and we can make the trac landing page on the website
17:22:49 <djmitche> +0.5 :)
17:22:54 <bdbaddog> Wiki's are the past with pull requests and auto publishig..
17:22:57 <tardyp> djmitche: why?
17:23:20 <djmitche> I just don't think it's a great use of your time -- but it's your time, so my vote is still >0 :)
17:23:30 <djmitche> you're doing so much for the project already..
17:24:00 <tardyp> its really not that much
17:24:26 <djmitche> ok
17:24:30 <djmitche> +0.9 :)
17:24:33 <bdbaddog> we did same for scons project wiki -> bitbucket wiki.
17:24:33 <tardyp> ahah
17:24:57 <bdbaddog> saved a lot of overhead of dealing with wiki patches, etc.
17:25:12 <djmitche> I'll be willing to do the process of freezing trac into a static site, btw
17:25:13 <djmitche> once that's ready
17:25:32 <tardyp> sounds good.
17:25:56 <djmitche> ok
17:26:03 <djmitche> other business?
17:26:23 <tardyp> not from me
17:27:35 <djmitche> awesome
17:27:45 <djmitche> sorry I was late -- distracted today
17:27:45 <tardyp> ttyl!
17:27:49 <djmitche> #endmeeting