17:00:13 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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17:00:51 <tardyp> anybody here?
17:01:03 <tardyp> looks like its pretty calm today
17:01:07 <djmitche> #topic introduction
17:01:15 <djmitche> https://titanpad.com/buildbot-agenda
17:03:53 <djmitche> indeed, looks quiet :)
17:04:06 <djmitche> #topic Week in Review
17:04:14 <djmitche> #info landed letsencrypt support for SSL certificates
17:04:25 <djmitche> ..although that seems to be failing
17:04:43 <tardyp> what failed? lists?
17:04:55 <tardyp> lists is not ansible managed
17:05:20 <tardyp> there is an apache24 installed. I did run the le tool manually and it worked.
17:05:28 <djmitche> I think it was www
17:05:51 <tardyp> www now works afaik
17:06:06 <tardyp> actually I think only www and nine have ssl
17:06:14 <tardyp> and I had to both run them manually
17:06:25 <djmitche> https://irccloud.mozilla.com/pastebin/wGgLKFEi/
17:06:27 <tardyp> so I am not sure if the ansible actually works
17:07:03 <tardyp> it looks like there is unstability. sometimes the le servers wont answer
17:07:21 <djmitche> ah, ok
17:07:38 <tardyp> you get those failure emails regularly?
17:07:43 <CrtxReavr> I had a thought on the list discission about progress metrics.
17:08:05 <djmitche> tardyp: once a day
17:08:18 <djmitche> CrtxReavr: awesome, one moment
17:08:47 <tardyp> djmitche: its only for www-new ?
17:09:08 <djmitche> hm
17:09:26 <djmitche> and example.com :/
17:09:43 <tardyp> oh. sounds bad
17:10:04 <djmitche> but yes, looks like just www-new
17:10:38 <djmitche> should I file an issue?
17:10:46 <tardyp> actually I did had to run the issue manually with --log
17:10:55 <tardyp> but as soon as I use --log, it worked
17:11:14 <tardyp> so I assumed instability. maybe its *only* working for --log
17:11:18 <djmitche> haha
17:11:34 <djmitche> I'll get a github issue in - as long as this isn't causing issues yet, we can solve it.
17:11:44 <tardyp> and www-new is not in dns, so we wouldn't be able to get a cert for that anyway
17:11:50 <djmitche> ah, right
17:12:07 <djmitche> ok..
17:12:14 <djmitche> #topic Progress Metrics
17:12:18 <djmitche> CrtxReavr: that's you!
17:15:25 <noc0lour> oh, hi
17:15:25 <djmitche> ok.. :)
17:15:30 <djmitche> hi!
17:15:42 <djmitche> #topic We're #29 on Stackify!
17:15:50 <djmitche> https://stackify.com/top-continuous-integration-tools/
17:16:01 <djmitche> I don't have a good sense for whether that's spam or useful
17:16:14 <tardyp> not sure if we should be happy or not to be #29..
17:16:23 <djmitche> heh
17:16:36 <djmitche> probably not :)
17:16:37 <tardyp> we are behind chef, which is not a CI framework...
17:16:40 <djmitche> right
17:16:44 <djmitche> and a number of things I've never heard of
17:16:57 <djmitche> ..and I feel like I hear about a lot of things in this area
17:17:25 <tardyp> yes
17:17:41 <tardyp> I got an email last week from a student doing a study on CI
17:18:04 <tardyp> as a CI *user* he wanted to know where I do struggle
17:18:17 <tardyp> buildbot wasn't in the list of CI tools in that study
17:19:10 <tardyp> https://wmsurveys.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bDWKuuiv8EP4JtX
17:19:13 <djmitche> :(
17:19:44 <djmitche> well, it's definitely quiet today
17:19:48 <djmitche> anything else to bring up?
17:19:48 <noc0lour> a lot of new CIs are targeted at web devs, but throw an C++ app at them ;)
17:19:59 <tardyp> yes
17:20:02 <djmitche> yeah, or something with platform requirements
17:20:03 <thac0> looks like the stackify article's top rankers seem to specialized with plenty of batteries included-- github integration being one
17:20:22 <thac0> well, "specialized" relative to buildbot, anyway
17:21:04 <djmitche> yeah, that would certainly gain a lot of followers
17:21:26 <djmitche> ok, well, let's wrap up
17:21:27 <tardyp> djmitche: should we discuss about changing meeting time to follow daylight saving?
17:21:37 <djmitche> #topic meeting time
17:21:39 <djmitche> sure :)_
17:21:44 <djmitche> *whose* DST? :)
17:21:46 <tardyp> I guess we should have more of a quorum to start that discussion
17:21:46 <djmitche> yours I would propose
17:22:08 <djmitche> we can discuss next week, and ask folks to stop by and do so this week
17:22:21 <tardyp> yes
17:22:58 <djmitche> #info proposal: keep meeting time but change it to follow daylight savings time in EU
17:23:05 <bb-github> [13buildbot] 15tardyp closed pull request #3096: use latest version of automat instead of trunk (06master...06fixautomat) 02https://git.io/vS0rw
17:23:11 <djmitche> #info if you have an opinion, come by next week!
17:23:21 <bb-github> [13buildbot] 15tardyp pushed 3 new commits to 06master: 02https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/compare/359311fddf9d...25cbc0096096
17:23:21 <bb-github> 13buildbot/06master 14a5b784e 15Pierre Tardy: use latest version of automat instead of trunk
17:23:21 <bb-github> 13buildbot/06master 14400fb70 15Pierre Tardy: fix sphinx extension with sphinx 1.5.5
17:23:21 <bb-github> 13buildbot/06master 1425cbc00 15Pierre Tardy: Merge pull request #3096 from tardyp/fixautomat...
17:23:36 <djmitche> I'm in favor, and you're in favor, so that's most of a majority IMHO :)
17:23:44 <djmitche> #endmeeting