15:59:58 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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16:00:05 <djmitche> #topic Introductions
16:00:06 <djmitche> https://titanpad.com/buildbot-agenda
16:00:23 * djmitche waves -- who else is here?
16:00:28 <tardyp> hello
16:00:31 <djmitche> hello!
16:00:37 <rjarry> hoy
16:00:49 <rjarry> o/
16:00:50 <djmitche> greetings :)
16:00:58 <rjarry> hi :)
16:01:00 <djmitche> y'all are spared my sniffling and coughing by having an irc network
16:01:04 <djmitche> *irc meeting
16:01:44 <tardyp> that is the season..
16:01:48 <djmitche> bdbaddog: around?
16:01:52 <djmitche> skelly: ^^
16:01:56 <skelly> yep
16:01:59 <skelly> am now
16:02:06 <djmitche> yay!
16:02:11 <djmitche> #topic Week in Review
16:02:12 <djmitche> so what's new?
16:02:45 <tardyp> I guess we merged the Janitor
16:02:53 <tardyp> I just enabled it in nine.bb.net
16:03:02 <tardyp> and found a few integration issues
16:03:13 <tardyp> but it deleted the logs as expected
16:03:49 <djmitche> sweet
16:03:58 <djmitche> I like that model of running periodic tasks in a visible fashion
16:04:41 <tardyp> https://nine.buildbot.net/#/builders/50
16:04:59 <tardyp> I am preparing the release notes for 0.9.7
16:05:10 <djmitche> awesome
16:05:21 <tardyp> https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/3181
16:05:23 <djmitche> #info Janitor has landed, a few integration bugs getting worked out
16:05:30 <djmitche> #info 0.9.7 coming soon
16:05:45 <tardyp> this one has wamp fixes needed for multimaster
16:06:06 <tardyp> and also the strange auth bug that nobody can reproduce
16:06:13 <djmitche> a fix for it?
16:06:36 <tardyp> yes. I rework the auth to not require ajax for login
16:07:09 <tardyp> which looks like being forbidden under condition that I have difficulties to identify
16:07:39 <djmitche> interesting
16:07:47 <djmitche> anything else to mention?
16:08:10 <tardyp> I did present in Paris Releng meetup
16:08:44 <tardyp> everything went fine, we got nice feedback. We should probably do more meetups, as this is fashionable and as nine is being more stable
16:08:50 <djmitche> #Paris releng meetup
16:08:58 <djmitche> #info Pierre presented - got good feedback
16:09:00 <tardyp> my slides are here https://tardyp.github.io/nine_conference/#/
16:09:09 <rjarry> tardyp: was there only french people or did you get some foreigners ?
16:09:13 <djmitche> #link https://tardyp.github.io/nine_conference/#/
16:09:14 <tardyp> feel free to take them and present them in any of your local meetups
16:09:24 <tardyp> mostly french
16:10:17 <rjarry> ok :)
16:10:53 <djmitche> very cool
16:11:04 <djmitche> #topic Hiding builders/workers from the UI
16:11:15 <djmitche> who brought this up?
16:11:25 <tardyp> we dicussed that last week with rjarry
16:11:27 * rjarry raises hand
16:11:37 <djmitche> ah
16:11:41 <djmitche> tell me more :)
16:12:03 <rjarry> with the janitor, there are now builders that are not part of the actual building process
16:12:07 <rjarry> these are "utility" builders
16:12:22 <rjarry> which should be displayed separately from the regular ones
16:12:26 <rjarry> to avoid confusion
16:12:45 <rjarry> same goes for workers/schedulers that go along with them
16:13:45 <rjarry> lol sorry about that
16:13:55 <rjarry> ^W not good in xchat
16:14:22 <djmitche> would worker categories help?
16:14:32 <rjarry> tardyp said that it would not be hard to implement in the web UI
16:14:52 <tardyp> the thing is we don't have tag for everything
16:15:07 <rjarry> maybe with categories or tags, but only hiding based on name prefix '__' would be enough
16:15:14 <tardyp> right
16:15:38 <rjarry> something similar to hidden files and folders
16:15:52 <djmitche> ah, I like that
16:16:01 <djmitche> #info workers like the janitor don't need to be shown to usres
16:16:13 <djmitche> #info proposal is to hide workers with a certain prefix like `__`
16:16:35 <tardyp> hide *things*. workers, schedulers, builders
16:16:43 <tardyp> masters?
16:16:51 <djmitche> makes sense
16:17:00 <rjarry> btw tardyp, the "display old builders" checkbox has strange behaviour
16:17:13 <rjarry> it seems to take time to do what it says
16:17:35 <rjarry> when I remove/add builders, and restart master the old builders are displayed
16:17:50 <rjarry> when I click "display old builders" they disappear :D
16:18:08 <rjarry> and after 1 min, it goes back to normal behaviour
16:18:18 <rjarry> is there a javascript cache or something ?
16:18:37 <tardyp> its possible that there are events not sent
16:18:50 <tardyp> when builders are disconfigured
16:19:16 <rjarry> ok
16:19:28 <rjarry> that's not a big deal though
16:19:43 <djmitche> it sounds like there's round agreement on hiding "things"?
16:19:49 <tardyp> yep
16:19:51 <rjarry> yup back to the subject
16:19:57 <djmitche> #info actually not just workers, but all things - schedulers, workers, builders, etc.
16:20:09 <djmitche> #agreed this is a good idea :)
16:20:15 <djmitche> cool
16:20:20 <tardyp> I guess we have no further subject for today
16:20:22 <djmitche> skelly: did you want to talk about VPN access?
16:20:36 <skelly> not much to say yet
16:20:41 <skelly> verm__ sent me the info
16:20:45 <skelly> haven't tried it out yet
16:20:47 <djmitche> #info VPN access setup
16:20:55 <djmitche> is the idea to be able to access IPMI?
16:20:58 <skelly> yeah
16:21:04 <tardyp> its about upgrading freebsd?
16:21:05 <djmitche> ok, that'd be great
16:21:11 <skelly> longer version is the hosts need to be updated, 10.1 is no longer supported
16:21:30 <skelly> the pkg builds use the oldest supported release as the bast
16:21:30 <djmitche> haha, software, amirite
16:21:31 <tardyp> yep, we can't install any new package
16:21:39 <skelly> that moved from 10.1 to 10.3 several months ago
16:21:47 <djmitche> #undo
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16:21:52 <djmitche> #topic VPN access setup
16:22:05 <djmitche> #info Amar is sharing VPN access info with skelly to support upgrading hosts to a newer FreeBSD
16:22:13 <skelly> along with the update, I want to get them working using freebsd-update
16:22:21 <djmitche> #info currently we can't install packages because 10.1 is no loner supported
16:22:26 <djmitche> that'd be great :)
16:22:31 <tardyp> +++
16:22:32 <skelly> hopefully it'll be easier for others to keep them up to date
16:22:43 <djmitche> yeah
16:22:56 <skelly> I will likely go to 11 as well, but may wait
16:23:03 <skelly> 10 works well enough
16:23:20 <bdbaddog> how long till support for all 10 versions dropped?
16:23:41 <skelly> hm, that will take me a bit to find
16:24:18 <djmitche> probably in a year or less, I'd guess?
16:24:27 <skelly> https://www.freebsd.org/security/security.html#sup
16:24:34 <bdbaddog> unless update to 11 is a lot more work than 10.3, perhaps better to just move forward to newest stable, then it won't have to be done again for a while?
16:24:39 <skelly> 10.3 is supported until April 30, 2018
16:24:58 <djmitche> so just under a year :)
16:25:03 <bdbaddog> so 1 more year vs 2021...
16:25:08 <skelly> it moves out though
16:25:19 <skelly> 10.4, if/when it gets released, will be supported later
16:25:28 <skelly> unless 10.3 is absolutely the end, but I doubt it
16:25:54 <bdbaddog> ahh gotcha.
16:26:09 <djmitche> anything else we should cover?
16:26:15 <bdbaddog> up to the doer obviously..
16:26:20 <djmitche> hehe
16:27:01 <djmitche> #endmeeting