15:59:58 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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16:00:06 <djmitche> aww, 2 seconds early
16:00:11 <djmitche> #topic Introduction
16:00:16 <bb-github> [13buildbot] 15tardyp commented on issue #3314: @bdbaddog from what I understand, bitbucket.org and bitbucketserver are completly different product based on completly different codebase. Thus have different API.... 02https://git.io/vHQpl
16:00:26 <tardyp> hello!
16:00:38 <djmitche> #link http://bit.ly/2rup31x
16:00:47 <djmitche> anyone else other than the bots around? :)
16:00:52 <tardyp> I can see bdbaddog is around writing on gh..
16:00:57 <djmitche> hehe
16:01:59 <djmitche> so what's new?
16:02:02 <djmitche> #topic Week in Review
16:02:21 <tardyp> I think frodox wanted to talk about master.cfg sharing also
16:02:24 <tardyp> anyway
16:02:44 <tardyp> this week we had a few bug fixes notabily a regression with oauth on firefox
16:02:44 <bdbaddog> Here.
16:03:00 <djmitche> anything security-related, or just a fix?
16:03:05 * djmitche waves
16:03:25 <tardyp> no, just login won't work on firefox with 0.9.7 :-/
16:03:29 <djmitche> boo :(
16:03:34 <djmitche> but glad it's fixed :)
16:03:37 <tardyp> because of a race condition
16:04:06 <tardyp> I did fix a few issues with gitlab, as last week I was integrating gitlab at work.
16:04:26 <djmitche> #info bugfix for oAuth login failing in Firefox
16:04:32 <djmitche> #info Gitlab improvements
16:04:37 <djmitche> is there a stash integration now?
16:04:42 <tardyp> and I need to release this asap
16:04:53 <tardyp> there is a stash integration PR in discussion
16:05:00 <tardyp> but it is not yet finished
16:05:14 <tardyp> and we should not talk about stash but about bitbucketserver
16:05:37 <tardyp> so we need to rename our classes
16:05:40 <djmitche> ahh
16:05:54 <djmitche> #info ongoing work on bitbucketserver support
16:05:57 <djmitche> very cool
16:06:04 <djmitche> so 0.9.7p1 or 0.9.8?
16:06:12 <tardyp> 0.9.8
16:06:28 <djmitche> #info 0.9.8 will be released ASAP with the Firefox bugfix
16:06:30 <tardyp> I wanted to finish the twisted 17.5.0 upgrade and that is done
16:06:59 <tardyp> so I wanted to finish the gitlab PR integration, but this is probably too late
16:07:06 <tardyp> so lets release tomorrow morning
16:07:06 <djmitche> #info Upgraded Twisted to 17.5.0
16:07:14 <djmitche> awesome
16:07:17 <djmitche> #topic Releases
16:07:20 <tardyp> new twisted is about better py3 compat
16:07:31 <djmitche> #info 0.9.8 should be out within a day!
16:07:32 <tardyp> we had a few py3 compat fix also this week and the week before btw
16:07:41 <djmitche> awesome - what's the status on py3 then?
16:07:48 <tardyp> we have more and more py3 users, and they find bugs
16:08:03 <djmitche> ah, sweet, so it's functional, just not totally debugged
16:08:06 <djmitche> that's awesome
16:08:09 <djmitche> sorry I somehow missed that
16:08:12 <tardyp> so its better, but I won't say its finished
16:08:25 <djmitche> #info 0.9.8 will have improved Python 3 support (but likely still some bugs, so not finished)
16:08:27 <tardyp> yeah most of the functionality is there
16:08:45 <tardyp> ppl had issue last week with REST api auth
16:09:01 <tardyp> which is not activated on all installs, and had a silly bytes vs str issue
16:09:11 <djmitche> ergh :(
16:09:12 <tardyp> which was hidden by the unit tests
16:09:15 <djmitche> yeah
16:11:50 <djmitche> anything else?
16:11:57 <tardyp> I dont think so
16:12:00 <djmitche> that's all we have on the agenda :)
16:12:02 <djmitche> ok
16:12:07 <djmitche> I'm excited for 0.9.8 :)
16:12:10 <tardyp> yep
16:12:16 <djmitche> #endmeeting