16:05:08 <tardyp> #startmeeting weekly
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16:05:30 <tardyp> http://bit.ly/2rup31x
16:05:36 <tardyp> for the meeting agenda
16:05:46 <tardyp> who is here?
16:05:53 <tardyp> #topic introduction
16:06:27 <tardyp> oh its July 4th...
16:06:36 <noc0lour> oh hi (:
16:06:40 <tardyp> probably not a good day for a weekly meeting..
16:06:57 <noc0lour> for non-U.S. people that's fine ;)
16:07:09 <aj355> hi
16:09:09 <tardyp> #topic week in review
16:09:54 <tardyp> so the weekly summary email is on holiday
16:10:20 <tardyp> #info we release 0.9.9 last week... which broke github oauth
16:10:33 <tardyp> #info so we had to release 0.9.9.post1, which was a complete disaster
16:10:58 <noc0lour> I'm running 0.9.9p1 which is apparently working?
16:11:03 <tardyp> #info nearly all of our packages needed update to accept post1 release postfix
16:11:22 <noc0lour> ah, the release process was kinda cumbersome?
16:11:30 <tardyp> #info 0.9.9.post1 do work
16:11:43 <tardyp> yes, it evntually worked.
16:12:03 <tardyp> but the tag do not reflect the actual code for some of the packages
16:12:56 <tardyp> #info so the release process it was not fully controlled, but I think the published packages are good eventually
16:13:18 <tardyp> hopefully next release will have all the fixes
16:13:39 <noc0lour> sounds good, so eventually we want to advise people to skip this release?
16:14:36 <tardyp> I think it is good
16:14:43 <noc0lour> is the broken mention-bot a separate topic (: ?
16:14:52 <aj355> curious, will the next version be 0.9.10 or 1.0?
16:15:26 <tardyp> #info next version will be 0.9.10
16:15:35 <aj355> ok
16:16:01 <tardyp> #link list of issues required for 1.0.0: https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/milestones/1.0.0
16:16:44 <tardyp> actually I should update those, as quite a few of them are fixed
16:17:16 <tardyp> #topic mentionbot
16:17:43 <tardyp> I re-enabled  the integration last week, but looks like it didn't work as expected
16:17:57 <noc0lour> Is there something we can debug? Broken webhooks?
16:17:58 <tardyp> anybody interrested in helping out?
16:18:19 <tardyp> noc0lour: I don't know. I can use some help on that matter
16:18:27 <noc0lour> I can try to look into but I have no previous experience with mention bot
16:18:36 <tardyp> me neither :)
16:18:40 <noc0lour> And I want to have something like that in another project
16:18:51 <tardyp> I am not sure who set that up
16:20:13 <tardyp> noc0lour: so I put you an action?
16:20:27 <noc0lour> sure, shouldn't be too hard to fix
16:20:41 <tardyp> #action noc0lour to try and fix mentionbot
16:21:16 <tardyp> any other topic?
16:22:10 <aj355> I have few buildbot questions, not sure if this meeting is the right time to ask them.
16:22:30 <tardyp> lets close then
16:22:33 <tardyp> #endmeeting