16:02:06 <tardyp> #startmeeting weekly
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16:02:21 <tardyp> #topic introduction
16:02:24 <tardyp> who is there?
16:02:50 <tardyp> agenda: http://bit.ly/2rup31x
16:03:44 * djmitche wave
16:04:15 <tardyp> is that only the two of us?
16:04:19 <djmitche> maybe :(
16:04:25 <djmitche> and I haven't worked on the chapte :(
16:04:26 <djmitche> *r
16:04:48 <tardyp> did you receive the weekly summary?
16:04:55 <tardyp> I didn't too.
16:05:31 <skelly> I am here
16:05:35 <djmitche> Idid
16:06:14 <djmitche> https://lists.buildbot.net/pipermail/devel/2017-August/012407.html not that it's much use :)
16:07:32 <tardyp> err the html is quoted..
16:07:45 <djmitche> yeah :(
16:08:11 <tardyp> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/aRP4Numo/
16:08:28 <tardyp> #topic week in review
16:09:00 <tardyp> people are using the secret manager, and fixing doc issues, and setup.py issues
16:09:27 <djmitche> great re secret manager
16:09:28 <frodox> djmitche: \o/
16:10:14 <tardyp> We finally sorted out the performance issue of aj355
16:10:21 <djmitche> oh - what was it?
16:10:41 <tardyp> which was a script sending terminal progress updates without newlines
16:10:47 <tardyp> or \r
16:10:54 <tardyp> it was using lots of \b
16:10:58 <tardyp> 1Mb/s
16:11:05 <tardyp> or 1MB not sure
16:11:15 <skelly> probably B
16:11:31 <tardyp> anyway this produced huge buffers in LineBoudaryFinder and thus some latencies in the main thread
16:11:59 <djmitche> #info fixed performance issue with a script sending terminal progress updates without newlines
16:12:02 <djmitche> what was the fix?
16:12:13 <tardyp> I just merged it
16:12:17 <skelly> turn them into lines
16:12:27 <tardyp> https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/3521
16:12:47 <tardyp> this is potencially a DoS attack, so I am not sure how to treat it
16:13:11 <djmitche> yeah, well, running scripts that output that much is probably not good
16:13:15 <djmitche> so at least that will make it obvious
16:13:20 <tardyp> if somebody do create a patch which prints without newlines, buildbot will evntually crash
16:14:28 <djmitche> maybe a 64k max line length, and just drop everything after
16:14:42 <tardyp> I put 4k max length
16:14:53 <tardyp> it is in the patch
16:14:54 <djmitche> that's good
16:15:07 <tardyp> 64k did slow down the browser too much
16:15:08 <djmitche> what else?
16:15:23 <tardyp> I guess thats it for the weekly summary
16:15:42 <djmitche> cool :)
16:16:00 <djmitche> I really did intend to work on the chapter last night but got busy on house repairs
16:16:35 <tardyp> do we have an answer from todd wether we can write publicly?
16:16:48 <tardyp> #topic wtisted book
16:16:52 <tardyp> #undo
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16:16:56 <tardyp> #topic twisted book
16:17:06 <tardyp> do we have an answer from todd wether we can write publicly?
16:17:42 <djmitche> oh, I don't think we heard back
16:17:44 <djmitche> I'll ask again now
16:18:25 <tardyp> anything else?
16:18:39 <djmitche> no, unfortunately
16:18:48 <djmitche> I pasted the outline into the chapter doc, that's about it
16:19:42 <tardyp> thats a start.
16:19:53 <tardyp> ok thanks
16:19:55 <tardyp> #endmeeting