16:00:08 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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16:00:18 <djmitche> #topic Introduction
16:00:21 <bdbaddog> Here!
16:00:23 <djmitche> http://bit.ly/2rup31x
16:00:24 <djmitche> hi!
16:00:26 <rjarry> hi!
16:00:29 * djmitche waves
16:00:32 <djmitche> who else is about?
16:00:53 <rjarry> how are things ?
16:01:13 <Frodox_home> o/
16:01:51 <djmitche> good, good
16:02:08 <djmitche> so let's see .. tardyp you around for a week in review?
16:03:09 * djmitche puts him down for "no"
16:03:12 <djmitche> #topic Week In Review
16:03:20 <djmitche> #info 0.9.11 was released a few hours ago
16:04:08 <djmitche> #topic Open Invention Network
16:04:24 <djmitche> So, we got an email from a person at OIN asking Buildbot to join
16:04:47 <djmitche> http://www.openinventionnetwork.com/
16:05:10 <djmitche> The email basically says "it's free" and "it protects your project" so my natural inclination is "what's the catch"
16:05:25 <djmitche> I've sent an email to the conservancy project list asking for advice, but heard nothing yet
16:05:33 <djmitche> anyone have context or opinions?
16:05:57 <bdbaddog> The org rings a bell. The members are notable.
16:06:43 <djmitche> yeah
16:07:09 <bdbaddog> though not mozilla..
16:07:20 <djmitche> I saw a talk by Deb Nicholson, seemed legit
16:07:31 <djmitche> good point
16:07:53 <bdbaddog> I think the idea is if you get sued, likely there's a patent the sueing party is violating that you have rights to.
16:08:04 <bdbaddog> ideally they negate each other.
16:08:12 <djmitche> ahh, right, it's a patent-sharing thing
16:08:29 <djmitche> mutually assured litigation
16:08:29 <bdbaddog> it's anti-patent-troll type org
16:08:44 <djmitche> that sounds like a positive thing :)
16:09:02 <bdbaddog> yup. I'm for it unless someone legal says it's a bad idea with reasonable explanation.
16:09:26 <bdbaddog> thought with buildbot under sfc, I wonder if that would mean all of sfc would have to agree..
16:09:43 <djmitche> yeah
16:09:52 <djmitche> this seems more and more like something they need to decide.
16:09:55 <djmitche> so two possible actions:
16:09:59 <djmitche> 1) email Deb and see what she says
16:10:23 <djmitche> 2) email the person who contacted me and ask whether he should maybe be talking to SFC
16:11:08 <djmitche> I think (1) is really only useful if there's a suspicion this is not legitimate, but from discussion above it seems legit
16:11:16 <djmitche> so maybe I'll just do (2)?
16:12:00 <bdbaddog> sounds reasonable - 2
16:12:21 <djmitche> ok
16:12:31 <djmitche> any other input?  It's so quiet in here.. :)
16:12:55 <djmitche> #agreed will contact person from OIN to find out how SFC would be involved, and continue to wait to hear from SFC
16:14:02 <djmitche> ok!
16:14:10 <djmitche> any other business? other news to report?
16:14:49 <djmitche> #endmeeting