16:01:04 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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16:01:04 <slondono> shouldn't interpolate be there? or why is Property being used there?
16:01:17 <djmitche> sorry slondono, just about to start our weekly meeting
16:01:21 <djmitche> #topic Introductions
16:01:44 <djmitche> slondono: but I think Property(..) is just a quick way to interpolate the literal value of a single property
16:01:47 <djmitche> iirc :)
16:01:57 <djmitche> http://bit.ly/2rup31x
16:02:16 <slondono> thanks djmitche
16:02:22 <bdbaddog> Greetigns!
16:02:27 <djmitche> greetings!
16:02:36 <djmitche> skelly: you still around?
16:03:07 * djmitche doesn't see tardyp either :9
16:03:46 <djmitche> I see we still don't have a week-in-review mail :(
16:04:26 <djmitche> #topic Botherders Changes
16:04:27 <bdbaddog> I got it 1hr ago..
16:04:53 <djmitche> oh, so did I
16:05:20 <djmitche> So, we have removed tomprince from botherders
16:05:25 <djmitche> bdbaddog: did you let conservancy know?
16:06:18 <bdbaddog> Ahh. No will do. Had to query who the new contact is since Gerv has left mozilla.
16:06:22 <djmitche> ok
16:06:36 <djmitche> well, that's unrelated to conservancy :)
16:06:44 <djmitche> but related to MOSS, which we'll get to in a second
16:06:47 <bdbaddog> oh. yes.. Coffee.. you failed me..
16:06:49 <djmitche> haha
16:07:06 <djmitche> I also contacted Jared and he's agreed to stay on as a "quiet" botherder
16:07:18 <djmitche> he'd still be available if the rest of us failed for some reason, etc.
16:07:32 <djmitche> and we're recruiting two other new botherders.. :)
16:07:37 <djmitche> anything else on that?
16:07:49 <tardyp> sorry I'm late
16:07:52 <bdbaddog> Just updated MOSS contact.
16:07:52 <djmitche> it's OK!
16:07:55 <bdbaddog> Jochai Ben-Avie
16:07:55 <bdbaddog> Senior Global Policy Manager
16:07:55 <bdbaddog> Mozilla Corporation
16:07:57 <djmitche> bdbaddog: ok
16:08:08 <djmitche> #topic MOSS wrap-up
16:08:16 <djmitche> #info have a new contact at Mozilla
16:08:29 <djmitche> I guess you'll supply them with whatever they need to wrap up?
16:09:08 <bdbaddog> Yes. Once I hear back. I queried what's needed but got an OOO email response from new contact after they responded that they were the new contact.. ;)
16:09:48 <djmitche> ok
16:09:49 <djmitche> haha
16:09:54 <djmitche> #topic Week in Review
16:09:57 <djmitche> tardyp: what's new?
16:10:24 <tardyp> this week was quiet, appart from the service1 down time
16:10:46 <bdbaddog> indeed. I think that was enooug excitement.. ;)
16:11:19 <djmitche> haha
16:11:26 <djmitche> #info not much new code-wise this ewek
16:11:41 <djmitche> #topic Chapter Progress
16:11:49 <djmitche> (we'll come back to the downtime, I'm hoping verm can make it)
16:12:00 <tardyp> I 've just seen mail from apress
16:12:07 <tardyp> did not read it yet
16:12:08 <djmitche> so I got an email today saying that the book is coming along and won't be out by PyCon (which is in two weeks)
16:12:17 <djmitche> but that it is coming..
16:12:23 <djmitche> I'm a little concerned that we haven't had any rounds of review
16:12:34 <djmitche> but I can talk to Todd about that at PyCon
16:12:39 <djmitche> *PyCon US
16:12:58 <djmitche> #info Book is still in progress, will be marketed at PyCon US but not available yet
16:13:03 <tardyp> indeed
16:13:13 <djmitche> speaking of which, is anyone else planning to be at PyCon US?
16:14:18 <djmitche> #topic Infrastructure Downtime
16:14:31 <bdbaddog> No PyCon for me. Where is it this year?
16:14:36 <djmitche> cleveland
16:14:55 <djmitche> #info one of the three Buildbot servers failed last week - the one hosting the mail server and name server
16:15:30 <djmitche> #info we rebuilt the affected services on another server, but needed some manual intervention to get the mail server re-configured
16:15:42 <djmitche> I got in touch with Amar on Friday night and he was able to do that manual intervention
16:16:24 <tardyp> I think that was good management, thanks djmitche for leading it
16:16:33 <djmitche> Amar is currently working with OSUOSL to try to get service1 started again, and/or to get its drive installed elsewhere so we can copy the data off
16:16:38 <djmitche> after that, we have a few issues to solve
16:16:39 <djmitche> https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot-infra/issues
16:16:48 <djmitche> notably, getting things set up so that we can rebuild these jails from version control
16:16:58 <djmitche> thanks to skelly too
16:17:21 <djmitche> any remaining questions or concerns on that?
16:18:12 <djmitche> hearing none .. :)
16:18:21 <bdbaddog> +1 All sound reasonable. Fix the problem. Make it easier to recover next time.
16:18:24 <djmitche> so I'll continue to work on that
16:18:25 <djmitche> yep
16:18:37 <djmitche> ok, I feel like I skipped a topic.. anything else?
16:19:07 <tardyp> we don't have rjarry today
16:19:14 <tardyp> I dont think we have update on debian side
16:19:19 <djmitche> ok
16:19:54 <djmitche> all right, I think we're done!
16:19:56 <djmitche> thanks!
16:19:59 <djmitche> #endmeeting