16:00:04 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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16:00:19 <djmitche> #topic Introduction
16:00:25 <djmitche> http://bit.ly/2rup31x
16:00:37 <tardyp> hey!
16:00:40 <djmitche> hi!
16:00:42 <rjarry> hi
16:00:46 * djmitche waves
16:01:02 <bdbaddog> hi!
16:01:09 <djmitche> wow, full house :)
16:01:14 <djmitche> #topic Week in Review
16:01:19 <djmitche> what's new?
16:01:42 <tardyp> this week dankegel was on fire
16:02:08 <tardyp> he is porting his bot to nine, and contributing its changes.
16:02:13 <djmitche> #info Great contributinos from Dan Kegel this week
16:02:16 <rjarry> sorry I thought I'd have some time to help on the issues, I was a bit overwhelmed by work
16:02:16 <djmitche> awesome
16:02:38 <tardyp> I made a release also last week with a few bug fixes.
16:02:46 <tardyp> 1.1.2
16:03:20 <tardyp> twisted 18.4 breaks the tests, so rjarry can't package it to debian :-(
16:03:24 <tardyp> but I have a patch
16:03:31 <djmitche> #info 1.1.2 release  made last week
16:03:38 <djmitche> hah, twisted :)
16:04:15 <bb-github> [13buildbot] 15tardyp pushed 1 new commit to 06pyup-scheduled-update-2018-05-21: 02https://git.io/vhfP5
16:04:15 <bb-github> 13buildbot/06pyup-scheduled-update-2018-05-21 144c3b2dc 15Pierre Tardy: fix test for twisted 18.4
16:04:15 <rjarry> tardyp: if you have a fix, but you prefer to wait until another releasde
16:04:26 <tardyp> well this is actually our fault
16:04:39 <rjarry> I can add this into 1.1.2-1
16:04:40 <rjarry> for debian
16:04:43 <rjarry> this patch
16:04:43 <djmitche> awesome
16:05:10 <djmitche> #info New patch for issue with Twisted-18.4 will allow 1.1.2 to be built for Debian
16:05:16 <djmitche> it's been a big week!
16:06:07 <djmitche> anything else or should we talk about the service1 failure?
16:06:13 <bb-github> [13buildbot] 15tardyp 04force-pushed 06pyup-scheduled-update-2018-05-21 from 144c3b2dc to 148be19b3: 02https://git.io/vpjxQ
16:06:13 <bb-github> 13buildbot/06pyup-scheduled-update-2018-05-21 148be19b3 15Pierre Tardy: fix test for twisted 18.4
16:06:28 <tardyp> nope
16:06:28 <bdbaddog> I'm waiting to hear back from MOSS if we need to do anything to award the last bounty. I got ahold of the new contact, they were going to check and get back to me but have not yet. I'll ping them again.
16:06:40 <djmitche> #topic MOSS
16:07:03 <djmitche> #info Bill to ping Mozilla folks again about awarding the last MOSS bounty
16:07:14 <djmitche> #topic Service1 Failure
16:07:20 <djmitche> so i have a few updates
16:07:51 <djmitche> #info Service1 drives were mounted in vm1 and contents were recovered (excluding the syslog database, which is huge)
16:08:10 <tardyp> great!
16:08:17 <djmitche> #info next step is to get a new PSU for the failed host
16:08:52 <djmitche> Amar is looking into getting one from iX
16:09:25 <djmitche> #info mx host is being configured with Ansible now, which should speed any future recoveries
16:09:32 <djmitche> I htink that's all the news..
16:09:43 <djmitche> #topic Expert Twisted book chapter
16:10:08 <djmitche> I talked to Moshe, Brian, and Todd at PyCon
16:10:20 <djmitche> and the book will likely be out ~July/August
16:10:28 <djmitche> reviews for our chapter should be back shortly
16:10:35 <djmitche> we did some alignment work
16:10:43 <djmitche> and re-ordered the chapters
16:10:53 <djmitche> so we can incorporate that once we get the reviews back
16:11:46 <djmitche> #info Met up at PyCon, progress!!
16:11:55 <djmitche> any questions? other topics?
16:12:07 <tardyp> this is a good progress
16:12:53 <djmitche> indeed
16:13:26 <djmitche> ok, well, in the absence of any other business....
16:14:10 <bdbaddog> +1
16:14:24 <djmitche> #endmeeting