17:01:01 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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17:01:17 <djmitche> #topic Introduction
17:01:18 <djmitche> http://bit.ly/2rup31x
17:01:32 <djmitche> Anyone's welcome to speak here.. there's a 30-minute time limit
17:01:34 <djmitche> Agenda is http://bit.ly/2rup31x
17:01:38 <djmitche> who else is here?
17:01:43 <tardyp> hello
17:02:05 <djmitche> hi!
17:02:51 <djmitche> skelly: around?
17:03:39 <djmitche> ok :)
17:03:44 <djmitche> #topic Week in Review
17:03:48 <djmitche> what's new this week?
17:04:34 <skelly> oh, yes
17:04:39 <tardyp> well a release
17:04:46 <tardyp> 1.6.0 is out
17:05:00 <tardyp> then the PR rate decreased a little bit.
17:05:01 <djmitche> woo
17:05:11 <djmitche> #info 1.6.0 has been released!
17:05:22 <djmitche> p12tic took a breather?
17:05:26 <tardyp> we talked about removing py 2.7 and py3.4 from 2.0
17:05:44 <tardyp> and 1.7.0 being a low cost LTS
17:06:08 <skelly> bdbaddog recommended against an explicit LTS too
17:06:15 <skelly> in mailing list reply
17:06:43 <djmitche> good advice
17:06:51 <tardyp> actually p12tic didn't he is just polishing the old ones
17:06:56 <tardyp> yeah. I wanted to talk about it here.
17:07:03 <djmitche> #info looking at 2.0.0 next, with option for 1.7.0 as a low-cost LTS
17:07:11 <tardyp> I got a request to support LTS in medium
17:07:34 <tardyp> https://medium.com/@ari_17245/hi-pierre-ae1ae7f407e8
17:07:38 <djmitche> #info bdbaddog suggests not having an LTS in https://lists.buildbot.net/pipermail/users/2018-November/001753.html
17:07:43 <tardyp> not sure if you see that
17:07:47 <skelly> seems reasonable but I can't help think it's going to go similar to eight
17:08:12 <skelly> not as large of a change, but nothing new for eight has been released nor have I seen much desire for it
17:08:20 <tardyp> that's why I talked about low-cost LTS
17:08:43 <tardyp> means we will only backport strong bugs, and release twice a year
17:08:52 <djmitche> so "low-cost" in this case would mean critical bugs only (so basically sec bugs)
17:08:57 <tardyp> so I think we are more or less saying the same thing
17:09:03 <tardyp> right
17:09:28 <djmitche> I guess as the one likely fielding the requests, you can define "strong"
17:09:38 <tardyp> indeed
17:09:39 <djmitche> but I would be hesitant to include even "this documented thing breaks"
17:09:52 <djmitche> but yes, sounds like we agree
17:10:22 <tardyp> t
17:10:23 <djmitche> #agree will make 1.7.0 an LTS release, meaning only the most critical of fixes will be fixed
17:10:37 <djmitche> so what are the breaking changes in 2.0?
17:10:42 <tardyp> the thing is that I think it would be less difficult to switch from 1.7 to 2.0
17:10:53 <tardyp> just 2to3 on the master.cfg
17:10:57 <djmitche> good point
17:11:08 <skelly> which could be hard, maybe
17:11:10 <djmitche> #info major breaking change in 2.0.0 is Python-3 requirement
17:11:21 <djmitche> ..and maybe dropping support for the "slave" terms?
17:11:27 <tardyp> 3.5 to get async await support
17:11:36 <skelly> yeah, 2.0 should definitely drop it
17:11:46 <tardyp> even if I tried async await, and there are subtleties compared to inlineCallbacks
17:12:18 <tardyp> an inlineCallbacks return a deferred, while a coroutine is a corourine
17:12:31 <tardyp> so you have to call ensureDeferred() everywhere
17:14:12 <djmitche> sounds like not a 2.0.0 thing
17:14:34 <djmitche> #info ..and dropping support for old names for workers, etc.
17:14:55 <djmitche> anything else on this topic?
17:14:57 <tardyp> that's a post 2.0
17:15:05 <tardyp> right
17:15:32 <djmitche> #topic Discourse Instance
17:15:36 <djmitche> skelly: ^^ any new information on this?
17:15:38 <skelly> nope
17:15:54 <skelly> service1 is at 11.2-RELEASE though
17:16:10 <skelly> I'm slowly working on updating jail infrastructure so can move them back
17:16:30 <skelly> and miscellaneous ansible improvements
17:16:51 <skelly> we've been stuck on ~2.0/2.1 stuff and Ansible is up to 2.7
17:17:02 <skelly> right now we're at 2.5 everywhere
17:17:27 <djmitche> awesome
17:17:35 <djmitche> #info no updates yet - working on infra backlog
17:17:36 <skelly> oh, and opened some bugs
17:17:37 <djmitche> #topic Infra
17:17:50 <djmitche> #info skelly has been working on updating servers, including upgrading to newest ansible versions
17:17:51 <skelly> fixed supybot deploy, that was easy
17:18:05 <skelly> the www jail is broken right now, I don't know what the issue is
17:18:09 <djmitche> #info fixed supybot install
17:18:23 <skelly> I need to experiment if the JS deps need updating
17:18:32 <djmitche> #info www jail is broken - https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot-infra/issues/207
17:18:53 <djmitche> #info could use help handling Ansible deprecations - https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot-infra/issues/208
17:19:09 <skelly> ^^ they're pretty easy
17:19:17 <skelly> but minor right now so holding off
17:19:22 <djmitche> yeah
17:19:45 <djmitche> awesome work though!
17:19:56 <djmitche> anything else on infra?
17:20:07 <skelly> nope, that's it
17:20:13 <tardyp> probably we need to upgrade the deps of this project
17:20:14 <tardyp> https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot-website
17:20:21 <skelly> that was my assumption
17:20:23 <tardyp> which is the impl of www jail
17:20:30 <skelly> I believe it's out of sync with v8
17:20:36 <tardyp> you need help?
17:20:51 <skelly> yeah
17:20:59 <skelly> the jail is at node 10 right now
17:21:06 <skelly> it was at node 9 when I first started
17:21:25 <tardyp> probably a yarn update will fix the thing
17:21:26 <skelly> FreeBSD has node 6, 8, and 10 available so I can move back to 8 if that's reasonable
17:21:37 <tardyp> updating the yarn.lock file will help being compatible with node 10
17:21:46 <skelly> I'll probably move to a versioned package so we're not following the very latest all the time
17:22:05 <djmitche> ++
17:22:11 <djmitche> tardyp: want to make some notes in the issue?
17:22:23 <djmitche> #topic Expert Twisted
17:22:27 <skelly> they did the same for Ansible, so it's easy now to slowly move forward from 2.5, to 2.6, etc
17:22:34 <skelly> okay, that's it so I'm off
17:22:46 <djmitche> thanks skelly!!
17:22:52 <djmitche> I got a request for home town suggesting the book is in the final stages
17:23:05 <tardyp> me too!
17:23:16 <djmitche> #info Seems to be moving toward publication
17:23:25 <djmitche> tardyp: any update on CI instability?
17:23:43 <tardyp> it is better now thanks to the work of p12tic
17:23:46 <tardyp> I think
17:23:49 <djmitche> great :D
17:23:55 <djmitche> #topic CI Instability
17:24:05 <djmitche> #info p12tic's work has helped a good bit
17:24:48 <djmitche> ok.. any other business?  Sorry to rush things (not sorry, it's my job..)
17:25:19 <p12tic> i have question wrt PR reviews: is there anything I could help you to make it easier?
17:25:29 <p12tic> and speed it up :-)
17:25:36 <tardyp> take care of my kids?
17:25:55 <tardyp> I'll try to look at it tonight :)
17:26:23 <p12tic> i understand that there ... limited amount of time. just asking if i could do something that could help you to reduce the amount of time eventually needed
17:26:24 <djmitche> hahaha
17:26:37 <djmitche> #endmeeting