17:00:57 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
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17:01:03 <djmitche> #topic Introductions
17:01:30 <tardyp> hello
17:01:32 <djmitche> hi!
17:01:41 <djmitche> 30 minute limit for this meeting
17:01:44 <djmitche> Anyone is welcome to speak
17:01:52 <djmitche> http://bit.ly/2rup31x
17:02:12 <djmitche> who else is around?
17:02:19 <djmitche> skelly?
17:03:03 <djmitche> hehe
17:03:06 <djmitche> #topic Week in Review
17:03:08 <djmitche> so what's new?
17:03:20 <tardyp> This week not much
17:03:33 <tardyp> We merged a few PRs from p12tic.
17:03:41 <djmitche> p12tic++ :)
17:03:54 <tardyp> we spoke a bit about py2.7 deprecation
17:03:59 <djmitche> #info A few PRs merged
17:04:04 <tardyp> and about awsttsync await performance
17:04:24 <djmitche> #info many about use of inlineCallbacks
17:04:24 <tardyp> async await is 6times faster than inlinecallback
17:04:27 <djmitche> wow!
17:04:37 <djmitche> #info still considering deprecating py2.7
17:04:53 <djmitche> #info this would enable async/await which is 6x faster than inlineCallbacks
17:05:29 <djmitche> #topic Hardware Repair
17:05:34 <djmitche> #info Hardware itself is all back up and running
17:05:46 <djmitche> #info skelly working on lots of buildbot-infra stuff to move jails back to their proper place
17:05:55 <djmitche> that's about all I've got.. anything else?
17:06:45 <tardyp> not from me
17:06:50 <djmitche> ok
17:06:54 <djmitche> there's nobody else
17:07:25 <djmitche> I guess we're done
17:08:01 <djmitche> #endmeeting