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16:00:33 <djmitche> #topic Introductions
16:00:55 <djmitche> who's here with me :D
16:00:59 <mojca_> Hi
16:01:02 <rajdeepbharati> hi
16:01:07 <djmitche> hi!
16:01:17 <tardyp> hi!
16:01:31 <djmitche> now it's a crowd :)
16:01:36 <djmitche> #topic Week in Review
16:01:48 <djmitche> I see that we've reached the milestone of 5000 issues/PRs
16:02:19 <tardyp> ahah
16:02:28 <mojca_> Congratulations! Maybe not for the issues :)
16:02:33 <djmitche> haha
16:02:42 <djmitche> congratudolances?
16:02:51 <rajdeepbharati> lol
16:03:11 <tardyp> So this week we got a big refacto of irc reporter
16:03:42 <tardyp> p12tic has started to review. I need to take a look as well, but it looked good at first glance
16:03:55 <djmitche> I see that's labeled "telegram" - related to the app?
16:03:56 <tardyp> this PR is adding authz to the irc reporter in a generic way
16:04:07 <tardyp> so that it can be used by a further telegram reporter
16:04:16 <djmitche> #info irc reporter refactor in review -- adds irc-based authorization
16:04:19 <djmitche> ahh
16:04:26 <djmitche> #info looking forward to a telegram reporter
16:04:31 <djmitche> that's pretty cool!
16:04:34 <rajdeepbharati> can there be other custom reporters too?
16:04:53 <rajdeepbharati> say something like whatsapp reporter
16:05:06 <tardyp> all the chat based reporters can benefit that normally
16:05:18 <tardyp> those who are based on the words.py base class
16:05:33 <tardyp> there are some chat based reporters which are more simple
16:05:41 <tardyp> and based on the httpbase
16:05:44 <rajdeepbharati> ok
16:06:01 <tardyp> there is no whatsapp reporter, but nothing prevents it
16:06:13 <tardyp> I guess this is the major part of the week
16:06:25 <tardyp> I was supposed to work on release, but didn't have time yet
16:06:44 <djmitche> gotcha
16:06:48 <djmitche> the other bugs look pretty minor?
16:07:13 * Evilham jumps in randomly into a meeting to say hi
16:07:14 <djmitche> mojca_, rajdeepbharati anything to report or discuss this week?
16:07:20 <djmitche> hi Evilham :)
16:07:20 <rajdeepbharati> Not related to bb, I published the macports plugin https://pypi.org/project/buildbot-macports-custom-views/
16:07:29 <rajdeepbharati> it supports live updates now
16:07:36 <djmitche> oh, very cool
16:07:48 <mojca_> Yes.
16:07:50 <djmitche> #info macports custom views plugin is now on pypi!
16:09:01 <mojca_> Rajdeep: yesterday I set up a mac mini which i can connect to your worker if you want
16:09:07 <rajdeepbharati> ok
16:09:13 <mojca_> Sorry, server
16:09:19 <rajdeepbharati> yeah
16:09:51 <rajdeepbharati> do u want to test it with real builds now?
16:10:05 <mojca_> It would be about time :)
16:10:32 <mojca_> It's slow, but ...
16:10:49 <rajdeepbharati> we need to tweak the master.cfg then
16:11:00 <rajdeepbharati> use mpbb
16:11:30 <mojca_> I'll throw some ideas about how I would like it to work and add some code
16:11:42 <rajdeepbharati> thank you
16:11:59 <mojca_> Keeping fake functionality is still cool
16:12:23 <rajdeepbharati> you can connect the worker on port 42012 on http://ec2-3-17-139-39.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/
16:12:48 <mojca_> Send me credentials privately
16:13:06 <rajdeepbharati> ok
16:13:50 <mojca_> I'm offline right now and only have time till tomorrow, then I travel, but will have more time to work on bb
16:15:04 <mojca_> We then have a deadline for deployment till the conference
16:15:15 <mojca_> 11th October :)
16:15:55 <Evilham> stupid question: conference?
16:16:18 <mojca_> MacPorts conference
16:16:31 <Evilham> I see, thank you :-)
16:16:37 <rajdeepbharati> yeah sure. it would be ready
16:17:16 <djmitche> Evilham: any particular topics you want to disucss?
16:17:41 <Evilham> no, sorry, just wanted to check on you :-D see how a buildbot meeting goes live
16:17:48 <djmitche> haha, ok
16:18:04 <djmitche> rajdeepbharati: should we wrap up?
16:18:19 <rajdeepbharati> yup
16:18:28 <tardyp> ok
16:18:33 <djmitche> #endmeeting